Just for Fun: The Internet Jargon Generator


You're trying to buy Internet/Extranet/Intranet/IT/SEO production and all the Business Development Salesperson will talk about is Strategy, Requirements, Design, Build, Active Server Pages, PPC, Keyword Phrase Campaign, Squeeze Pages, Bandwidth and Methodology Practices.

You're standing in the pub while people around you jabber away about "Transparent GIF's, Information Architecture, Navigation Paradigms, Affiliate Programs, Keyword Pages and proper FTP Protocol". Feeling isolated?

You're reading "Web Site Production for Lovers" for helpful nightime hints and you get turned off by 'Searchable ODBC Relationship Databases'. Bummer!


We have compiled the Internet/IT/SEO Consultants Jargon Generator, to help make "everyone” an Internet/SEO/IT expert! Or, at any rate, to make everyone "sound" like an Internet/IT/SEO Consulting Expert.

The 'Generator' gives you thousands permutations of Internet/IT/SEO Consultant Expertise!

With the 'Internet Enabler/SEO/Consultant Jargon Generator', you can silence a salesperson, confuse your friends, become an 'Internet/IT Enabler Consultant' or even write a White Paper on 'Emerging Internet/SEO/IT Technologies'.

Or quite possibly, become a recognized 'Professional Internet/Extranet/Intranet/IT Consultant'!

This amazing opportunity is brought to you by someone who has
Been There and Done That:


1.  Click the "Generate" button.
2.  Watch advanced 'Internet/Extranet/Intranet/SEO/IT Enabler Consultant       Speak' appear in the box.
3.  Repeat to create the 'perfect' sequence that fits your immediate need.
4.  'Copy & Paste' the results...as many times as you need to.

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