Organic SEO Campaigns

So now you have a web site. And you have a business phone number. The phone number is listed in the phone book. Is your web site listed in the search engines?? If not, why not?
And... Why do you have an "Invisible" Website? A properly executed Organic SEO Campaign will give you excellent Long-Term results, with minimum investment compared to PPC Campaigns.

Do all your competitors appear when you search on a term that you feel that your web site should also appear?

Want to appear on the first page(s) of the Search Engine Results Pages or NOT show up at all?

Let us complete a review and make suggestions as the the proper path you need to take, see below: For the elements of our analysis.

When you do what is called "searching the Web," you are NOT searching it directly. It is not possible to search the WWW directly. The Web is the totality of the many web pages which reside on computers (called "servers") all over the world. Your computer cannot find or go to them all directly. What you are able to do through your computer is access one of several intermediate databases and/or web-pages which contains selections of other web pages organized to allow you to find other web pages and sometimes other databases.

You search these intermediate "search tools," and they can provide you with hypertext links (URLs) to other pages. You click on these links, and retrieve documents, images, sound, and more from individual servers around the world.
All search engines do keyword searches against a database, but various factors influence the results from each. Size of the database, frequency of update, search capability and design, and speed may lead to amazingly different results.

Remember a listing on a search engine is controlled by many factors but one thing to keep in mind is that -You cannot BUY a higher listing" (but you can purchase "sponsored links' see PPC Campaigns). A ranking on a search engine is not like buying a larger ad size or buying a TV ad during the evening newscast. You can make sure that your rankings will be better than average by selecting the appropriate and proper keywords and using the talents and services of Digital Services.

Additionally, you must maintain that service year after year in order to maintain effectiveness and high rankings, think of it as - Making sure your phone number for your business is at least listed in the phone book!" Would you like your site to be the first one listed in a search? Or at least be listed on the first two pages? A properly executed Organic SEO Campaigns can do that.

According to a recent study over 85% of all Internet visits begin with a web search. But 90% of these consumers do not look past the first two or 3 pages of search results! In other words, if you are not listed in the first 2 or 3 pages, then you may as well not be there at all.

The single most important thing you can do to increase your web site traffic and get a return on investment is to increase your search engine ranking. And increase sales...dramatically?
Did you know that web site design directly affects your Search Engine Rankings?

Many of the cool design techniques employed by visual web designers can actually prevent most search engines from properly indexing your site! Dynamically generated pages harm your chances for a preferred listing, and frames can often block search engine spiders totally!

Strategic Review & Analysis
• Report Assess and analyze existing site(s)
• Review organizational marketing and branding objectives

Existing Website SEO Enhancement
• Recode existing website
• Enhance content, images, site maps, and build new pages
• Complete site redesign as warranted

Keyword Phrase Campaigns
• Initial keyword phrase selection & analysis
• Baseline Report
• Gateway/Doorway page creation
• Manual submission to top 10 search engines
• Initial electronic submission reporting
• Online, personalized reporting center
• Quarterly results reporting Micro-Site Development SEO optimized,
• keyword-focused website creation
• Product or Service focused

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